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Columnista: Roberto

A political bias

A recent article in the Washington Post caught our attention, its title: “The simple math that should keep Republicans up at night” (hyperlink to the post)

We would recommend you read it before our present analysis.

The data it contains are very interesting, however it’s the analysis of these data, made by the columnist,  that baffles us.

Let us first put aside its worst aspect, the political one. The article is almost completely focusing on the political impact of the demographic evolution (it is classified in the “Politics” category).

So, to get rid of the political aspects, let us dive into them first.

The GOP elector is, from many studies, a “white male – blue collar” (AKA basic workers and country people). It seems to be in an increasing proportion.

Note: it doesn’t seem to “ring a bell” for the analysts. When a proportion is increasing, it is generally because the number is shrinking.

Since this number is never mentioned, we will assume that it is the case. This last demographic study from Pew Research Center (on which the WP article is based) is an indirect confirmation of it.

The vocabulary used in the description is also very revealing: talking of “racial ethnic groups” is a damning admission of a discriminating culture.

The truth is more interesting

Among the graphics in the Pew Research Center study, one is far more interesting than all this boring story about ethnic groups, it’s the following:

FT_19.07.11_GenerationsByRace_3 - Origen Pew Research Center

We, TMN nerds, found it very refreshing and in complete contradiction with the concepts behind the Pew study and the Washington Post article.

The youngest generations (call them “Z” or Alpha, if you want) are widely multi origins. It seems to be a recent phenomenon and in quick evolution.

White parents seem to have failed in convincing their children of their inherent superiority… Or they didn’t fail at all, nor the parent of other “ethnicities” and “races”.

The human race will survive

There is a very old event in the history of humanity that is worth noting.

It was assumed for a long time that Neanderthal population was killed by Cro-Magnon one.

Then, recently, scientists discovered that, in fact, both human origins merged together to create a more evolved version of humanity.

So, it is not new that the concept of humanity has never been about “racial purity” (whatever that means).

“Racial purity” is not about evolving. It is quite the contrary: a way to maintain a situation unchanged, to keep the power in one family. It is an aristocratic ideology, based on consanguinity.

To survive, the human race has to evolve. Young generations are already better humans.

Hopefully they will gradually forget was “racial purity” means.