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Yet another TMN article about a slowly sinking platform.

Twitter lost 60% of its revenues?!

Sorry everyone, we are going to speak, once again, of Twitter.

Note: Nope, we are not calling it “X”. We prefer its “dead name”, which describes more what this platform is now.

More exactly, we are going to talk about its dark lord, Elon Musk.

There is a recent news that runs on every mainstream newspaper. Here are examples of articles about it:

Or you can watch Sam Seder (who is Jewish, casually) on his podcast “The Majority Report”:

Video retrieved on “The Majority Report” YouTube channel

The admission of losing 60% of Add revenues is an interesting data, thank you Elon.

Doesn’t he mean that ADL has a point?

Twitter, a Saudi Arabia acquisition

For the records, Twitter is now de facto owned by Saudi Arabia, so much for the openness claim. Or, maybe, he already plans to slaughter and dismember (some of) them.

In this case, however, no one really believe he will do such a stupid thing as suing ADL. It would immediately boost their reputation and sponsorship, AKA a solid Barbra Streisand effect.

But if this guy was able to buy the decaying Twitter at a heavy price, other similar actions are possible.

Would he even win this case? It will be hard to make powerful people swear under oath that they were afraid.

More likely, organizations feel threatened by the drifting of Twitter to the far right. This extremism is unpopular, which means “(very) bad for business”.

Self-explicit questions

Suing is a classical tactics of wealthy people to show off their power. They use it to shut up (and/or destroy) opponents they think unable to compete.

AKA they already know they are wrong, but their money doesn’t care. However, something doesn’t add up here:

  • If ADL is powerful enough to make Musk lose 60% of his revenues, would it be wise to attack them?
  • Also, doesn’t he implicitly admit that they have a point?

Let us not answer these questions (they are self-explicit).

My suggestion: Mr Musk should better sue himself. Symbolically, that is exactly what he seems to be doing.

Elon Musk suing means Twitter sinking

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