Grado de dificultad: 3 (Por el idioma).

Columnista: Roberto

People could ask me why do I write some of TMN posts in english.

First, yes, when they are in English, they are from me (#Guilty). Here is why:

Changing the language becomes handy when you want to talk to different people and, also, to pretend you are not talking to local folk. Or a mix of both…

I should normally deal with regional stuff, that’s the postmodern rule imposed by nationalists when they reach the power in a country.

Note: Also, when they succeed, they usually manage to stay in power, by whatever mean (they say, allegedly).

And sometimes, it turns out to be the correct language when the info is coming from USA.

Tweet feud

I just read an initially futile news in several websites, among which the following article:

Ivanka Trump’s 3-year-old son dressed up as a Star Wars Stormtrooper. Mark Hamill was not pleased.

The central piece of this article is a recent tweet from Ms Ivanka Kushner-Trump.

To which the actor Mark Hamill responded by another tweet.

Initial comment of mine: Well-crafted and sarcastic answer! Well done, sir!

A lack of nerd culture

Apology to the children

Let me first address the only relevant protest about Mr Hamill’s answer.

This is, of course, about the parents. Children have the right to stay innocent (at least for a while) until they must make their own decisions.

Note: and this while is rather short.

Look, for example at this very young lady, who let her school, sailed through the Atlantic, and spoke at the United Nations.

Greta Thunberg is her name, she is barely older than Ivanka’s kids and far more responsible.

Greta Thunberg - Origen Wikipedia

Weirdly, the people who whine about Ivanka’s kids are the same that insult and threaten her (or not weird at all).

Shame on the parents

Then there are the parents:

  • Jared Kushner, who was never get caught in the Varsity Blues Scandal because dad was powerful and wealthy enough to buy part of the University, he “graduated” from.
Jared Kushner - Origen Wikipedia
  • Ivanka Trump, whose main merit (if not the only one) is to be the daughter of the president of the USA.
Ivanka Trump official photo

Note: At that point, supporters of any of the two should stop reading.

They may have a few (wealthy) friends, but almost everyone else hate or despise them. I am only one in the crowd.

To nerds like me, they suffer from an incurable deficit of fan culture understanding.

In order to pretend using the reference she dared to use, you need to be a member of the brother/sisterhood.

They obviously aren’t!

Which side of the Force?

A lecture for Star Wars Ignorants

So, “The Force is strong in my family” is a line from “Return of the Jedi” in 1983

And the words are pronounced by Mark Hamill, who played “Luke Skywalker” (sorry to look like I’m lecturing, it’s just that some people seem a bit lost).

Mark Hamill en 2017 - Origen Wikipedia

It would be wise to remind to you, Ms Kushner, that a stormtrooper disguise doesn’t qualify to represent the Force.

A stormtrooper - Origen desconocido

Your son would be a simple pawn (a clone, actually, as it appears further in the saga). Then, this pawn would be serving the wrong side of the Force, the dark one (#DetailsMatter).

Which makes you the mother of a clone who is a servant of the dark side. Was it your message?

It looks like an unintentional admission to me (and this is not kind to your own kids).

Funny and not so funny

Luke Skywalker is a character, while Mark Hamill is a true person.

For some reason, Mark know very well the Star War mythology (he was paid to learn it).

And, yes, he fully understands the subtility of her mistake.

However, he prefers a (far) more aggressive approach to answer to Ivanka.

Like if he wanted to make perfectly clear that he doesn’t like her nor what she represents (another one in the crowd).

Another comment was “The farce is strong in my family”.

A very exclusive club

I imagine that she intended this tweet to be for her close circle of friends, as a cute message from a model family.

But here is the mistake: Twitter is not a close circle group, reserved to a plutocratic elite, it’s a worldwide social media.

Nor is she a random person (she can take that as a compliment, at least she deserves this one).

To everyone out of her tiny privileged circle, this was not cute.

Anything coming from her will be perceived as offensive (she deserves this one, too).

Twitter doesn’t belong to you, nor the Star War mythology, Ms Ivana Marie Kushner-Trump. It’s one of the things you can’t afford.

Mark Hamill expressed it very simply: you are not a member of the club. I won’t invite you either.

A recommendation, however: if you decide to select a “Dark Side Character”, please do it the higher way.

Darth Maul is a far better option.

Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace - Origen Lucas Arts Disney