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What’s happening to Americans with their superheroes?

What’s happening to Americans with their superheroes? They don’t seem to be fond of them anymore

It started a while ago, with “Watchmen”, the movie where vigilante superheroes where exiled. It already suggested that some of them could be wrong.

Then it became a recurring subject: “how to look at the classic superheroes in a way that would send them down “a bit”.

This is how, while Hollywood bragged about the millions it earned through the superheroes’ franchises of Marvel and DC Comics, some, quietly, started to have doubts and second thoughts.

They killed Superman and Wolverine, and sent the Inhumans down to the earth.

Entered Lucifer to disrespect the rules, Daredevil to suffer and Jessica Jones to drink Bourbon like water.

Something was cracking.

The Umbrella Academy showed us a darker side of the creation of superheroes, like a shattered family.

Worse, in The Boys, the “supes” were described as a bunch of abusive morons.

Still, no one was attacking directly the icons: you didn’t talk of Superman, only of “Homelander”…

… Until Brightburn, in such an unespected way that TMN even misspelled the movie title.

Joaquin Phoenix the reluctant star

Hollywood is luckier with its actresses than with its actors.

Actresses use to steal the center place in the movies they are supposed to only decorate with a pretty face and a sexy body.

Bombers that make male “stars” look dumb, steadily.

Anne Hathaway-Meryl Streep-and Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada

There are however some exceptions. Joaquin Phoenix is one of them. Wherever he appears, mediocrity vanishes.

He won a few awards, not in Hollywood however, that prefers easier handsome actors.

Then, recently, he appeared in this astounding trailer:

Robert de Niro is another exception, and, not surprisingly, he is also part of this weird story.

I can’t wait to see the entire result. If it is half as desperate as it seems, it will change the meaning of the Batman myth.

Batman against the Joker is a well-known battle. Now, which Batman can stand against Joaquin?