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Columnista: Roberto

Last news about Boeing 737 Max crisis

TMN already wrote a lot about the Boeing 737 Max 8 affair.

The last revelation in the list is about an “unknown” early knowledge about the malfunction of the MCAS (AKA long before Indonesian and Ethiopian planes crashed , killing 346 people).

Following posts are about this last “info”:

In the Washington Post: “Messages show Boeing employees knew in 2016 of problems that turned deadly on the 737 Max

In Business Insider: “Messages reveal a top Boeing pilot knew about problems with the 737 Max’s ‘egregious’ behavior before 2 deadly crashes

You can also take a look at the following video:

To sum up the last “discovery”, it seems that top Boeing official pilots talked, as early as 2016, about something potentially deadly in the “Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System” of the 737 Max 8.

Everyone is “surprised”.

Where is the news


I once heard the following brazen admission: “You are not paid to tell the truth; you are payed for people to believe so”.

It was almost three decades ago, but it stayed tattooed in my memory.

If you watch the video embedded in the Washington Post article (the second one), you will see a spectacular demonstration of it (sorry, I didn’t find it anywhere else).

Two so-called “expert” answer to a journalist asking if “Boeing can recover after deadly crashes and grounding of 737 Max”.

What is remarkable in this video is how they repeat the same diversion tactics, over and over:

They are too big not to recover …

It will take a lot of money (note: how much? Just asking)



The pilots are to blame

Which leads me to the following: So, now, they are all just surprised to discover that people knew long before …


Who will lose in the end?

Everyone knows that Boeing engineers knew it from the very start and that it was a high-level decision to discard their concerns.

In TMN previous article, called “Boeing – Endgame on 737”, I was foreseeing an endgame for this affair.

The meaning I see in the last news is that they need some heads to roll, which is classic in endgames, and we are about to know who the scapegoat will be.

I was, however, aware that the end wouldn’t be the vanishing of the 737 Max. As they say, “They are too big not to recover”.

Boeing proudly announced that a British company, International Airlines, signed for a 200 planes order.

Personal questions: is IAG in good health? What price did they negotiate?

Guess who will lose in the end?

A clue: it’s not Boeing, not the Airlines either; listen to the experts in Washington Post video.