Grado de dificultad: 3 (por el idioma)

Columnista: Roberto

“Shutdown or shup up?” was the first title I thought of for this post, but I finally decided to water it down.

Such a post shouldn’t even appear in TMN. However, this is news that anyone can check on YouTube or on any mainstream news channel.

Just kidding! In fact, it is because a lot of nerds and dummies like us (nerd and dummy are american terms) are caught in a shameful gambling tactic, hostages of people that despise them and just demonstrated it (unwillingly).

We are talking of a stunning sequence of comments made by high rank US officials, about the government employees that are without salary for one full month, now.

So, Mr Wilbur Ross doesn’t understand why people prefer asking for food in a shelter rather than begging for a loan at their bank. It is not very surprising and, at the same time, very telling about how he considers normal people as beggars.

To make things even clearer, he says that these 800000 public servants only represent “a third of a percent on our GDP”. Yes: beggars.

It’s not surprising either that some wife of some relative of POTUS think this “is a little bit of pain” for all these beggars.

A little bit uglier is the reaction or a full smiling senior economic adviser, saying that these 800000 are on vacation (unpaid and working).

In this last case, the individual also says, with the same wide smile that one of his staffers is driving at UBER” (Lovely! Is it in his limousine?).

However, let us not be too harsh: there was no way they could divert that hit. Not only because they are far from our world, but also because it has become impossible to dodge.

They had to say it out loud to become aware of how it sounds and where they all stand.

Thanks to their clumsiness, a temporary deal was announced:

Sometimes, being clumsy can be useful. Thank them all for it!

Recently, we were talking about this senior officer of a French/Japanese carmaker, caught cheating in Japan. His attitude was very similar. This is an effect of globalization: leveling the contempt of high society for the rest of the world.