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Columnista: Roberto

What a scandal!

An interesting information is coming from USA, and can be read in every mainstream media, among which the New York Times and the Washington Post.

The name of the FBI operation is “Operation Varsity Blues”, and deals with rich dads helping their offspring to elude the selection process of elite schools and universities, for a reasonable fee.

They say this is ”The largest college admission scam ever prosecuted by the department of justice”. Wow!

I mean, not “wow” because of the obviously immoral aspect of it, but because “Come on! Do you really just discovered that!

Note: Ironically, the video that heads both articles starts with an ad for a college…

For some reason, this time people got caught, like 50 indictments, which seems few when you think of it. A prudent statement says that “more could be indicted”.

When you look at the list provided by the New York Times, you see wealthy and well known people, but not exactly “powerful” folk. Their guilt was basically not having paid enough and got to the head.

Why did we all graduate?

Why are we talking of this in TMN? I don’t know why people graduate generally, in my case it was simply because I loved what I was studying. Yes, I know, in the XXIst century this is laughable.

Nowadays, what counts is the “diploma” and the social status it gives to his or her owner. That you are effectively good at what you do is completely irrelevant, and this is our main collective problem.

Seen this way, the behavior of the rich people is, in fact, justified, and this affair explains a lot.

For example, this nerdy latina girl who worked as a waitress and as a bartender to pay her studies, and who now happens to be a Representative, what an embarrassment she is, isn’t she!

This event occurs at a very unfortunate moment. The main problem of US elite education is that, because of a restrictive immigration policy, they are losing students in a significant percentage, people that definitely won’t come back.

Everything is OK elsewhere …

Students started to go elsewhere, Canada and Australia mainly. The affair will not improve the confidence in the American education system.

For everyone, anywhere but USA, you can breathe. Surely this doesn’t happen in your place. Only in United States do rich dads rig the game, right?

Let’s see for example here in Colombia: to which university do rich people send their kids? Not that the not-named institution is a bad one, far from it, but, in the end, who cares.