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US Space Force in combat fatigues

SpaceNews is an official US media when it comes to space news (hence its name). Its content is interesting, even though it has a clear bias in favor of US realizations.

Lately, however, it has some troubles justifying the weird approach of this country for spatial conquest.

The concern is easily understandable, for their uselessly aggressive plan to get to the moon before being ready to do it safely.

There is, however, a weirder subject they have to deal with. They try hard to convince us (the rest of the world) of their peaceful intentions.

Precisely, why is the newly created US Space Force such in a hurry?

The NASA knows how complicated situation is the one USA put itself in with recent counterproductive decisions.

A recent article in SpaceNews confirms it:

NASA affirms partnership with Space Force, Bridenstine stresses value of ‘soft power’

Jim Bridenstine, NASA‘s administrator, is having a difficult time explaining how the US Space Force fits in a pacific universal plan for interplanetary travels.

See: everyone sees combat fatigues as a universal message of peace…

U.S. Space Force's chief of space operations, Air Force Gen. John W. Raymond - Origen desconocido

NASA’s tightrope walking

Bridenstine says that NASA is a “tremendously valuable diplomatic tool”.

This used to be true. Unfortunately, even the word “tremendous” is a bit stained, these days.

Someone used it to say “it does a tremendous number on your lungs”, when speaking of injecting or ingesting bleach…

Wasn’t it your commander in chief, the very one that created the US Space Force?

Let’s be fair with Bridenstine: the diplomatic role of the NASA became very complicated, lately. And it is not his fault.

If you have any doubt about it, pay attention to his tightrope walking in the SpaceNews piece.

The other actors of the space odyssey seem to be equally convinced of the peaceful intentions of the United States.

Russia and China already had their Space Force, and USA is not new to this concept.

However, US Space Force‘s creation seems to have been largely received as a threat.

Symptomatically, France has it own Space Force since 2019, even though you would think that the froggies are in “way over their heads”.

It is somewhat true, except precisely for space programs. And it is also because European Union needs more time to take such a decision.

Bridenstine’s speech in not reinsuring at all. Let us all hope that he will regain some credibility next year…

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