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Columnista: Roberto

Un artículo en ingles porque así toda alusión política se encuentra convenientemente escondida.

Twilight is never too late

Lack of technological news

Lately, TMN has published less content. It’s partly because there is less technological news.

China continuing to organize its space station may be the only relevant one, and is not much commented:

China’s youngest-ever crew of astronauts heads to space station

Meanwhile, SpaceX’s Starship receives (understandably) a skeptical treatment from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration):

SpaceX Starship performing tests on the launchpad

This is, however, not what we have in mind, today. A war in Central Europe and a massacre another one in the Middle East, don’t put us exactly in the mood.

Halloween seemed lighter in such a grim ambience. After all, it’s only fiction.

That is how I decided to watch the complete Twilight saga, available on Prime Video.

An (unsurprising) opinion on the Twilight Saga

Yes, I know, I may be one of the only ones not to have seen it already.

Don’t roll your eyes, I didn’t know it and was genuinely curious to discover why Twilight was so famous.

My global opinion, as you would guess, is that it is globally silly and stressless … Which is a good thing, given the real darkness that surrounds us.

And I felt surprised to discover interesting social points in it, especially at the beginning. The description of the dynamics in an isolated community is rather clever.

Including the Indigenous Quileute people was a nice touch of tolerance, too.

And also, there is something very true in the telling of a high-risk pregnancy in “Breaking Dawn Part one”.

Constructive critique of the saga

The acting isn’t particularly brilliant, the details of the story being more relevant. The recurring presentation of the vampires as wealthy is a constant in the American mythology.

The reference to the soullessness of very rich people is clear and justified.

Their counterpart, the werewolves, are described as being triggered by the presence of the vampires … More vampires means more werewolves.

Interesting! Mrs Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight novels, has her way of sending a message to the too powerful. Like with the werewolves of Gaza?.

However, one faction is missing in the story (that appears in other vampire stories, like The Originals). There are no witches in Twilight.

I get it, though. They represent the Scientists, a notoriously absent silent actor in the postmodern era.

The saga earns, rightfully, its place in our stressless movies category.

“Twilight”, late discovery of TMN