Grado de dificultad: 3 (Por el idioma)

Columnista: Roberto

Here is a short post about an “interesting” reunion that took place in the White House.

Is was called “Presidential Social Media Summit”, or so did we understand.

We are not exactly sure of the title given to this family reunion, that took place in the White House, and to which, essentially, far right provocateurs and scammers were invited (people very far from us).

In fact, this is not the main point, nor is the content of this weird reunion.

To be clear, this was a gathering of the worst of the worst, to build a disorder strategy in prevision of a disaster, a diversion strategy knowing that something very bad is going to happen.

The main point is who were the invitees to this “intervention” (to which the accused were not invited). No normal and sane people seem to have been invited.

Note 1: they were all there, which, in terms of strategy, this is not very clever.

Note 2: It was not very discreet either. These people have very well-known tactics, that can now be gathered in a manual.

For us, there is a good aspect in this incoherent gathering. It is now clear that they are scared.

Then comes the question: the multidimensional trick they are planning, will it work?

As much as we would like to say “No, it won’t”, the truth is that no one knows. It’s a guess about how many American people are willing to prefer lies.

Not funny.