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This is another case where writing in a different idiom is useful.

Not everything is about COVID-19

International pandemic despair

TMN normal talking points are technological. Lately, this became harder. All around us, the consequences of COVID-19 are visible.

People are in pain because they lost their job. Others are struggling to keep their small business.

It affects us emotionally: few among us have a warrior soul. We feel tired and artists tell us they feel empty.

Video disponible en el canal YouTube de Mary Spender

Note: I like her style and recommend her page. Her message could be about us more than about herself.

But it looks like it is the least of our problems, right now.

There is this horrific news coming from the Middle East:

Israël-Palestine : recrudescence des frappes, réunion de l’Assemblée générale de l’ONU

Note: I intentionally chose a non-American source, to show a less biased presentation.

All things come to an end…

There no such thing as a neutral position for a journalist…

Behind a well lubricated damage controlling PR, there is an also well-known reality.

That is: Israel is (still) governed by an extremist leader. And it looks like his “reign” is coming to an end.

Like always, when an extremist loses his grip on the power, he tries to sow chaos…

The problem is that strong words have been pronounced out loud (Apartheid, Genocide), ones that were generally whispered.

Some may not care with what happens to Palestinians but, you know, certain reputations are bad for business.

Israel gloats about its spectacular success with COVID-19 vaccination process. I was wondering if their statistics include the non-Jewish population.

“What about Colombia?”

Clumsiness, a local specialty

For some reason (the same well lubricated PR?), my home (#Colombia) was dragged into this bloody mess. For instance, please read this:

Killed by police in Colombia

Or watch that:

Video conseguido en el canal YouTube “TYT Sports”

Do North American care so much about Colombia? A few, maybe, but we all know it is mainly a diversion: “Look at what happens in our backyard”.

Colombia has a “reputation” and some strong issues, but nothing that could rival that massacre “conflict”.

Clumsiness is a specialty, here. Think of anything counterproductive or uselessly bloody, you’ll find someone to do it … Even at government level.

… Like blocking indefinitely the roads of a country that doesn’t have trains (bad way to gain support).

… Or threatening ONU personal (#Cali #Wonderful):

ONU acusa a policía de amenazas, agresiones y disparos

A symptom of something else

“Breaking news”: it looks like the Middle East is cooling down(ish):

Israel approves cease-fire to end 11-day battle with Hamas

Note: this article didn’t allow comments, I wonder why.

What we need here, in #Colombia (I don’t see what we could do in Israel), is to (be able to) get back home…

For those who didn’t notice, COVID-19 is still raging. Colombia won’t reach herd immunity anytime soon.

Coronavirus compared data statistics - Origin "Our World in Data"

Marching is a good way to show our disapproval. Marching for one month straight is a symptom of something different.

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