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Even marginal news can have an interesting take… A not-funny one, featuring a “new” show, inspired me this opinion piece for TMN.

A “new” Late Show, with Greg Gutfeld

There is this FOX contributor named Greg Gutfeld.

Greg Gutfeld - Unknow origin (Illustration from The Daily Beast)

Don’t get me wrong: in terms of audience, he has a true success. As a member of the powerful FOX News universe, he has access to the widest American community.

Recently, he started a new “Late Show” titled “Gutfeld!”, largely inspired by his appearances on previous shows. It received very contrasted opinions, among which several were very negative.

But you can’t judge what you haven’t seen. This is why I decided to see at least one episode of it.

Note: I initially added a YouTube link to a recent session that (not surprisingly) didn’t stay available for long…

Sorry! You won’t be able to see it here.

The show is not funny (which it was supposed to be). On the contrary, it is offensive and full of lies. Note: this is only my opinion.

So, this show did not convince me, at all. I could see other opinions about it, there:

Video available on The Hill YouTube Channel

Or there:

Actual Comedians Roast Greg Gutfeld’s New Fox News ‘Comedy’ Show

Like all these people, I don’t care much about the success or failure of this show. So, it could have ended here.

Guardian of a dying world

Gutfeld, a man in pain

There is, however, something relevant in it, in a twisted way. The interesting question is: who watches it and with which state of mind?

Then, I could see it: behind Gutfeld’s aggressivity, there is this image of a man in pain. And he is talking to people that are also suffering.

“Projecting” is an easy tactic to convince an audience. You describe your own fears, wounds, guilts, and use them as weapons, accusing others of causing them.

It is also revealing about the person who uses it. Which pain do Gutfeld and his audience share?

Greg Gutfeld describes a dying world, his. He is right: it is a scary and sad situation. He feels rage and despair.

Worlds are born and then die

The myth of “The end of the world” has been trending for a very long time. There is truth in it: worlds are born and then die on a regular basis.

But there are (and have been) plenty of them. Talking of the end of the world is merely describing one. That is what Gutfeld and his audience are so afraid upset by.

And who are we, those who are not from his world? He “sees” all of us as Aliens, just like in postapocalyptic sci-fi stories.

In these tales, future humans are described as not human anymore. “The Shannara Chronicles” is a typical example, among many others.

Inhumans and who master magic, a clear message of fear toward the scientific community.

Are you still preoccupied by the end of a world?

Greg Gutfeld and the end of a world

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