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The College Admission Scam investigation is not over

Felicity Huffman, already heading for redemption

Remember this scandalous affair?

News media reported it abundantly, and our humble blog also wrote twice about this interesting issue:

This now famous and ongoing process is far from finished. The first sentence (the lightest) was pronounced in September, against the actress Felicity Huffman.

She was sentenced to 14 days in jail, a condemn that started on October 15th.

Then, she will come back to a normal life, except for a $ 30000 fine, 250 of community service, and a supervision for one year.

Let us admit it: it’s very smooth.

The image of her, dressed in a humble jail uniform, will even add to her reputation.

Good for her, not so much for all of us, who face a much more challenging life.

The fact is that she was used to set a reference:

  • a rather limited involvement (“only” $ 15,000 to falsify her daughter’s SAT result).
  • she immediately pleaded guilty.

And Lori Loughlin is heading …

Her colleague, Lori Loughlin, is about to set another reference on the same issue:

  • She (and her husband) spent as high as $ 500,000.
  • For both of her daughters.
  • Forging “sports career” documentation.
  • She, of course, pleaded not guilty (until now).

Now, she is facing a chain of charges that could lead to 45 years in jail (which is something, even if largely unlikely).

Not funny anymore. We guess that she must have an agitated sleep at night.

Lori Loughlin al tribunal - Origen desconocido

Dropping some ballast

Is it fair? Surely not. However, this is a symptom: it looks like an endgame has taken place.

The conviction of Carlos Ghosn in Japan was an early message of a shift in the Justice behavior.

It now looks like the “$Elite” has to drop some ballast to keep the airship flying, AKA middle range wealthy people, just like Lori Loughlin.

This has a lot to do with the new customs established by the acting US government (which sets the bar very high in terms of impunity).

However, we are not sure that Lori Loughlin’s fault can compete with sentencing thousands of Kurds to death, just to secure a real estate deal in Turkey.

As we said, this is dropping some ballast. Other instances will further take place too.

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