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Columnista: Roberto

Racism is not specific to one country

I come from a country that has an unknown tradition of racism. It is a real tradition, however well hidden among other disfunctions of that western Europe country.

For that very reason, it is (very) prosperous.

The signs are not obvious, nevertheless they become visible in some circumstances.

Those who marry foreigners, why don’t they go live over there” is something I only began to hear when I got married to a proud and brilliant south American woman.

It was at the end of the last century, in France. The very first time I heard that was like being slapped in the face.

Then I began to think of it and realized that it was not such a bad idea, not a bad idea at all.

Somehow, I can thank the morons that told me this racist slur. Thanks to their stupidity, I discovered that the world was not as reduced and mediocre as I used to think.

The south American country where I live now surely has a lot of issues (among which racism, of course), however, I feel here at home like I never felt before.

A typical example of racism

I am not supposed to speak of such retrograde behavior and belief in a nerdy blog, because it is supposed to be an obvious topic.

It appears it is not anymore… Political and social events, in the north (let’s cut the crap: we are talking of United States of America, of course) shows that a travel back in time (way back) has begun.

In a recent pre-election US rally, gathering some 8000 people, “sending someone back” became an acceptable chant to support a candidate.

Comment 1: lovely!

Comment 2: many representatives accepted that, even lovelier!

The point is that I had almost forgotten the time I heard that, and thought it was a vintage memory of a long gone past.

I was wrong.

It is well known that the first justification of a racist is to say that he has a non-white friend.

Then, in second position, comes the telling about someone to “go back to where he or she comes from”.

Both were said by US officials in the last few days.

Is United State going back to stone age?

United States and the NASA are supposed to be leaders in the space conquest.

The Silicon Salley is supposed to be a vector of progress and the North American prestigious universities are supposed to be a pole of intelligence.

Is all that still real or will it vanish completely in the short future, replaced by a “Gilead-like” isolated society?

People around are getting used to the idea of letting USA alone (I mean, completely, because the isolation is already visible).

Everyone would like to think that their next election will end this madness, but no one is confident anymore, not with all the lies that are flourishing in the neighbor country.

I used to watch “The Handmaid’s Tales” until recently. I stopped: the real world is beyond fiction, now.