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“OK, Boomer!”

I recently improved my cultural slang, adding an expression I didn’t know. And it’s not only because I don’t live in USA, it’s because it´s a generational thing.

This new expression is “OK, Boomer!”. It became “trending” after its use by a young deputy of the UK Parliament, to shut her opponents up (rightfully, should I say):

This generation-targeted sarcasm is an update of “Whatever” (sort of). I discovered that it is rather usual, now.

As you can guess, I’m a “Baby Boomer”, one of those who are dismissed that way. But I don’t feel targeted.

When I see young generation fighting for climate change consciousness, I applaud.

Then, I also agree with these young folks (call them Millenials, Z and Alpha, if you want), when they get sarcastic with one of my fellows who says: “it was better before”.

Yes, it was better, because we were young!

TMN already published two posts on this imaginary “issue”:

Now, it looks like many of us (no matter what generation we are from), are discovering how ancient generations are perceived by youngers.

Look, for instance, at the following video of TYT, the progressist YouTube news site.

Ana Kasparian seemed as surprised as I am, that this has become “a thing”.

A new newspeak routine

TMN use to track newspeak terms that are used to manipulate and twist opinions

Note: it is a Spanish version, but it is easily translatable.

And this is definitely one, triggered by tone deaf “Boomers” but as damaging as its cause.

This is so dangerous! Do young people really despise their parents and grandparents? I don’t think so.

What we see here is a new way to divide people.

Here is the real trend: make people fight each other, they will forget who their real enemy is.

It is not new. Actually, it is almost as old as our civilization.

I must admit that we should have seen it coming, though: despising the new generations was going to have a price.

I don’t like it, nor its opposite. I wish we all were able to respect each other. I must be a dreamer, rather than a “Boomer”.