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An interesting trend had started in USA. They call it “The Great Resignation”. It stuns some of them (those who used to rule).

It surprises so much, there, that there is a Wikipedia article about it.

The movement tackles all sorts of paradoxes that seem to come to an end.

The scary “Great Resignation”

An enlightening Insider’s testimony

The following video is the best statement I could find to describe the Great Resignation issue. Please, forget the weird image quality, and focus on the sole testimony

Video retrieved from Louis Rossmann’s YouTube channel

Its main quality is to be an Insider’s description. Among other astonishingly lucid things, the speaker says the following:

My commitment is that if my business goes under, I will go down with the ship

One of the easiest ways to get people to go back to work is to not let them go

In the land of the aggressively egotistic capitalism, this is a new and refreshing vision.

Comedians agree with the Great Resignation

There is also this monolog of the comedian Trevor Noah, in “The Daily Show”:

Video retrieved from “The Daily Show” YouTube channel

Trevor talks of a distinct population, but the problem he describes is the same. He sums it up in an even blunter way:

… When they were saying “Nobody wants to work” What they actually meant was:

“Nobody wants to work for the starvation wages that we were willing to pay them”


The vanishing of submission

The people who despise us

Remember these Government officials during last government shutdown. They didn’t seem to get why public servants preferred asking shelters for food instead of taking a loan …

Video borrowed from the Washington Post YouTube Channel

Would you want to work for such people (or even with them)?

That is exactly what it is happening. People won’t work for people who despise them.

It is not how a society should work and, it looks like it doesn’t anymore.

Well-paid to shut up

In technology, the Resignation phenomenon, if not as high, could have more radical consequences.

The Great Resignation of 2021: Are 30% of workers really going to quit?

The principle of well-paying people to, basically, shut them up could be coming to an end.

A technical job is not all about earning money, even though it partly is. But it is not up to the point where you must sacrifice your ethics.

The fact is that if you decide to lay specialists off, you may never see them again.

Health insurance blackmail

One of the reasons why people don’t quit is to keep they corporate health insurance (a sort of blackmail).

Another myth also seems to vanish: the evil government. A bit of safety is the base of confidence, starting with healthcare.

It looks like everyone finally understand that their government is the only entity that can rule honestly on this issue.

Believe it or not, healthcare was never meant to be a business …

Note: and yet, doctors are supposed to be well paid (another paradox to be solved).

The new American dream?

As Louis Rossmann (the guy from the first video) says:

They are going to now go and follow their dream.

Is this the new American dream? It is too soon to know if this trend will last.

If it does, this new definition would be far more appealing that the old one (to us at TMN, at least).

The Great Resignation against contempt

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