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“I can’t breathe”

George Floyd (RIP)

From Sky to Hell

During the last weekend, I kept watching the remarkable success of the Crew Dragon Demo 2 mission.

It was a high point for United States of America’s ability to, literally, reach the sky.

However, while being really thrilled about it, I couldn’t applaud.

Rather, I wrote:

“¿Debemos sentirnos orgullosos de que sean estadounidenses que representen a la humanidad en el espacio?

Prefiero esperar el año próximo para contestar a esta pregunta: creo que tomará tiempo antes de que la respuesta sea positiva …

On May 25th, just before the highest point, came the lowest.

Video available on YouTube channel of CNN en español

I say “lowest”, because someone died, only for the color of this skin. Otherwise, this event wasn’t exceptional.

George Floyd was not the first to die in USA without any reason, this year. The way he was treated was not exceptional either.

It was widely known, with very recent examples of it:

What happened to him could (and probably would) have been easily concealed …

… If we weren’t in 2020, with smartphones and social networks everywhere.

USA, in search for redemption

Now, his death is becoming a symbol, in a country made infamous by its own president.

We already knew that USA was a weird country.

And more that weird, that it is an awful place for non-white and for poor people, and for a very long time.

We are now learning that its own citizen feel the same way.

So, US people are showing us that they are normal, after all. It is refreshing news.

The terrible truth, however, is that they don’t seem to have built a community.

Now, USA has inspired a lot of weird behaviors, worldwide, behaviors that are questioned everywhere.

Maybe it is time to ask ourselves if, where we live, we can enjoy a community. After all, we adopted US traditions too.

I just learned the name o f the lost soul who killed George Floyd. His name is Derek Chauvin.

Prophetically, his nature was written in his name: “Chauvin” is a french word for “xenophobic”.

The English language adopted it and kept its meaning (see Wikipedia’s description of “Chauvinism”).

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