Grado de dificultad: 3 (Por el idioma)

Columnista: Roberto

Hi, everyone.

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TMN is not on a lone island. Few people seem to mind with what is happening in a northern country that used to be respected. I do, and so should others.

It’s all about moral values.

The following essay exposes ideas that are, of course, a personal construction. However, I know that the situation I refer to is not limited to the countries named here.

A British tradition

I watch US news for several reasons:

  • It helps me improving my English and the understanding of the civilization that makes this idiom evolve.
  • Many of the shows we watch are in this language. Therefore, it is interesting to see if they reproduce the real world.
  • We are influenced by this civilization. Anything that happens to them impacts us, and it is important to know how.

These days, those who dare to look at US politics see an appalling spectacle, that we don’t even understand.

It has become painful to read and watch what is happening over there (almost every day).

Trump administration pushing to block new money for testing, tracing and CDC in upcoming coronavirus relief bill

There is a constant, here: taking wrong decisions, then stick to them, in a repeated pattern.

The mistakes they did will harm their own people for decades. This means that they are leaving the clean-up to their next generations.

It is not only extraordinarily selfish; it is a cultural flaw they are not even able to avoid.

This flaw is coming from the Anglo-Saxon tradition: never step back once a decision is made, no matter how bad it is.

It worked well for centuries, because the notion of “bad decision” could be managed by the winner.

And, to be fair, England often won, proving that it is a strength in many cases.

No more shadows to hide moral flaws

There is, however, a catch: postmodern era removed the shadows hiding the flaws. We can, now, know everything on any nation.

Analyzing its civilization and behavior, one can take advantage of flaws, with potentially huge consequences.

The people who managed to push the Brexit vote knew very well how to trick the British moral compass. It turned out to be a great success (an evil one).

From that point on, they could just “sit comfortably and watch the show”: British would never step back.

But it was not their greatest award. The major victory happened on the American side, with the same result.

The bet was that the US political tradition was still highly influenced by the British strategy. Therefore, the exact same trick that led to Brexit would lead to a similar disastrous choice …

… Which it did.

Now, we all are watching an event in which none of us can change anything. Only US citizen can take their moral sense back, and it will take them yet several months more …

… For a start, then some additional decades, as said above.

Why bother? After all, we don’t live there, right?

For those who still have a moral compass, we need these people to be standing as a healthy nation. This way, we will be healthy too.

For the others, know that if they fall, we will fall too.

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