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Some topical issues are inevitable. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, you know you will have to face them, eventually.

What is happening in Afghanistan is the kind of issue TMN could not run away from.

“World War Z” in real life

If you’ve seen the movie World War Z, you’ll remember its impacting crowd scenes.

Among them, there is this one where an airport is invaded by a panicked multitude:

Video found on Paramount Pictures Australia YouTube channel

The intensity of this imaginary situation was surpassed by real images of the present time, in Afghanistan:

Video found on WION’s YouTube canal

Comparing reality to fiction is not a mistake; on the contrary, it reminds us that artists can anticipate reality.

On the opposite end, those who had to take decisions were blind when everyone else guessed what was coming.

Still, it is appalling to see reality surpassing fiction (which, by the way, is a boring catchphrase).

The fate of Afghanistan is sealed

20 years of illusion

There is little any of us can do about it, and it was probably unavoidable. In the end, perpetuating an illusion for 20 years has its cost.

Now, let us put aside the devastating feelings that the Afghanistan situation inspires us, and face its reality of today.

Why were these people expressing so much panic? Because they know (or think they know?) what is going to happen.

They are not wrong: Talibans are pretending to calm down the Afghans about them. But they cannot guarantee anything.

The following video from CNN is already clear about it:

Video found on CNN YouTube channel

This video is spectacular because it subtly confirms the reason of the panic.

The fate of women

They just told me to stand to the side because I’m a woman” says the blue-eyed female journalist. Her bare face (with ostensible makeup) was intentional, and (easily) served its purpose.

She may be one of the last women to be seen unveiled and speaking to men, there.

There is, however, a catch: reality and illusion are for everyone to be experienced.

The failure of USA doesn’t change the fact that the seed has been planted.

Talibans’ easy victory already created a massive exodus. Among the candidates to escape, women are first.

The common problem of all fundamentalist regimes is that they are losing their women. It is a societal and demographic disaster they will never be able to fight.

Like everywhere else It will occur there too. They look victorious and happy today, but tomorrow will be dire.

Which future for Afghanistan?

On the other side of the coin, they are also isolated. This means that there have very few allies they can count on. AKA Russia and China will own them, just as they already own Iran.

So, they have a narrow path if any is left at all… Which doesn’t change the distress of the Afghans, a distress that will last too.

What Afghanistan is about to suffer

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