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A new president

So, United States of America will have a new president.

By now, the counting is not finished, reason why the official announcement still waits. It is a sign of respect to the citizen whose vote is still to be counted.

When I say “a new president”, I mean, another person, which will be sufficient for a start.

From a political point of view, the exiting one showed an extremely limited wisdom. He had, however, a good understanding of the human soul, and used it remorseless.

A lot of people are opening their mouth now (it is easier to exult above a dying body). This looks pretty much like the end of Pablo Escobar (local reference, #Colombia), another dark lord.

Let all of them enjoy this moment. We, TMN’s nerds, will focus on a different issue.

A worst case (for science)

Donald J. Trump will not be missed by scientific and technological worlds. Let us review some of his achievements.


The pandemic is, of course, his most recent failure. From downplaying the gravity of the contagion to recommending Hydroxychloroquine and bleach drinking, he had it consistently wrong.

Let’s not forget the constant lack of protection masks and of ventilators, and the promise of a quick vaccine.

The climate change

He, of course, retired USA from the “Paris Agreement”, while trying to blackmail everyone.

Meanwhile, he pushed for the use of coal and petrol, putting his country behind in every energetical progress. This includes the automotive industry.

The management of natural disasters

At least he was consistent with his decisions on Climate Change. He obviously managed to dismiss any relief or federal help to hurricanes and wildfires damages (#MoneySaving).

It came with a message to any nerd that wouldn’t like presidential sharpie-correction:

  • “Contradict me and be fired”
  • #RackTheForest, #SharpieGate


Sending astronauts to the Moon by 2024 seemed easy to him, and not risky at all.

One of them (who established a record of duration on the ISS) can, however thank him (indirectly):

With Senate win, Mark Kelly becomes 4th astronaut elected to Congress

Captain Mark Kelly - Astronaut and senator - Origen Courtney Pedroza/Getty Images

The Asia Pacific Organization

This was an idea to establish a balance with China’s influence. Thanks to the exiting president, USA is now out of every technological joint effort toward the future.

And we will stop there (because it is painful).

Welcome back USA?

From what we understood, all his decisions were about personal interests, retaliations, racism and envy.

But the current presidency is not over, yet. Dr Fauci remains to be fired and many more people will die of COVID 19.

So not funny!

During the last four years, USA not only stop evolving; they began walking backward.

Michael Jackson moonwalking - Origen desconocido

The sad irony is that a vast majority of Americans are willing a modern country (not a postmodern one).

They have been for a long time.

Let us hope that they are back. We should see it very quickly.

Oh, one last thing:

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