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This news could have passed unknown, as it used to. But that was before the pandemic and during the reign of “You know who”.

Now that this US government is agonizing finishing, it looks like the symbol of an ending era.

Karen triggers an international incident

“Karen” use to be white and blonde

You all know what “Karen” means. Numerous cases of pathetic behavior, sometimes aggressive, made this name famous (and descriptive).

The news was not supposed to draw the attention of mainstream media. As reported by the Cayman Compass, a young woman received far more that she expected:

4 months for ‘selfish’, ‘arrogant’ quarantine breachers

Video available on Cayman Compass’s YouTube channel

In other times, this situation could even have been considered as “romantic” with a “rebel” touch:

A teen student (at 18, you are still a teenager) recently decided to visit her boyfriend on an island.

So fond and excited was she to see him competing in a jet ski race, that she couldn’t wait. So, she managed to trick the pandemic restrictions (you know: she was tested negative, anyway).

Nope, not funny!

That’s where the fun ended…

Because the island was one of Caiman Islands, which happens NOT to be USA territory. It’s a “British Overseas Territory”, AKA she was in England, oops!

Yes, “oops”, because locals didn’t find it romantic or cute, at all. Coming from a white blonde US woman, they saw it as rude and dangerous.

Entitled by the poorly responsible behavior of her own government, she didn’t realize how offensive her action was… And, yes, dangerous.

So, the local authorities made an example of her and sent her to jail for 4 month. Less exhilarating.

On another level

This is, of course, a harsh decision that could still be tempered… Well, that will be after Christmas and New Year celebrations, though.

Nevertheless, this looks like a warning: USA has a shameful record on COVID-19. Therefore, a girl coming from Georgia, one of the infection hotspots, made people extremely nervous.

And, on another level, United States of America doesn’t own the world anymore. It is a privilege they lost, not only this (finishing) year but also during the last four ones.

No one says it out loud, but there is a trust USA will have to rebuild.

Young Karen (her real name is Skylar Mack) didn’t realize all she represents (how could she?)

What happened is unfair to her, clearly (as is the Karen nickname) … Not so much to United States, these days (unwilling ambassador).

If I understood well, she is a pre-med student… Irony or karma?

Young Karen learns the price of liberty

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