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The hate against Millennials continues to consume some people. Here is another (sad) example.

On the above photo, guess which face I prefer (a clue: she is young).

Is Bill Maher really a comedian?

I recently watched a video from a comedian I don’t appreciate much. I am not even sure that the term comedian defines him.

His name is Bill Maher and he is well known in USA.

The video was the following:

Video conseguido en el canal YouTube “Real Time With Bill Maher”

To begin with, Greta Thunberg is not “the conscience of her generation”, she is the symbol of this time for all living generations.

Then what is it with his permanent condescending smirk and the nonsensical comparisons?

But there are more important questions: what is he talking about? And also, who is he talking about?

One question I won’t ask is: who is he talking to? Because, in that video, we can hear people laughing. This must mean that what he says is very funny, doesn’t it?

Not all Boomers are morons

“Anyone under 30”!

The answer to the questions I just asked is in one of his statements:

“You would need the jaws of life to pry a phone out of the hands of anyone under 30”

The key word in this sentence is “anyone”. Yes, young people, Bill Maher despises you all, without any exception. And so does the audience who listen to him, religiously.

No matter which struggles you have to lead, more than any of us before, that boomer already condemned you. I mean all of you!

Fortunately, these Y, Z and Alpha generation folks don’t listen to him. Unfortunately, because of him, they won’t listen to other Boomers who learned a bit of wisdom.

Have mercy of Bill Maher

Here is a message to all those who are younger than Bill Maher:

Not all Boomers are morons (sadly, this category will exist in every generation). Others fought for you and still do.

We are easy to detect: we don´t despise you (and there are many of us).

But I am pretty confident that many Millennials/Z/Alphas already know that.

What happened to Bill Maher?

We may never know how or why he became so bitter. Please, have mercy of him, he is (mainly) harmless.

Bill Maher, yet another Boomer?

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