English Spoken

(Leido a la entrada de un restaurante…)

We thought we had more time to write our second editorial.

The number of visitors we have is higher than what we expected… Which is great! It’s just that, now we got more work, between social networks, content investigation and creation/edition (we prefer to shoot our photos rather than to pick them from libraries, for example).

This create more stress (in a good way), because it’s a big responsibility to meet the expectations you seem to have about us.

Among the suggestions we received from our initial readers, the question of English content appeared several times.

Well, they have a point, since we know that some of our readers are from USA, and even people from India. This is a huge honor.

However, since we try to reach people out of the nerd world, and because our “headquarter” is in Colombia, most of our articles will still be in Spanish. This would otherwise be too much of a disruption, as you can imagine.

We are still debating on how to deal with it. Any suggestion?

Quick info: Our “contact-us” page is failing, rookie mistake! We are working on it!

Update: Our “contact-us” page “was failing”, now it’s in 1.0 mode (works in a sufficient way: we’ll improve it, #damned_rookies).

DeepL o Google Translator les ayudaran a reducir el golpe del cambio de idioma en el texto anterior.

Para los que no hablan nada de inglés, es un ejemplo de disrupción brutal. Es además inevitable por la naturaleza de Internet. Quédense con nosotros y díganos cómo debemos manerarla: ¿Texto en dos idiomas? ¿Vínculo a traductores automáticos? ¿Otro?

Lo importante es, cómo dice un periodista: “¡ne se queden callados!”. Por eso el campo de comentarios debajo de cada artículo, el presente en particular.

Nota: Vimos que nuestra página “contáctanos” (http://tecnologiamediaynerdos.com/contact-us/) no sirve! Estamos corrigiendo este inconveniente (error de principiantes)

Actualización sobre la nota: ya “contáctanos” sirve (bueno, lo suficiente…) La vamos a ir mejorando (#paciencia).