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Columnista: Roberto

The present article is about Google Bard, the recently revealed conversational bot. It is in English because, initially, this bot only spoke to me in that language …

Another “Conversational bot”

ChatGPT is not the only conversational bot

These days, I frequently use ChatGPT 4 or, more exactly, its “Bing” instance.

This machine is very civil in its behavior and talks different languages, including my native one, which is French.

Intentionally, I interact with it in French, to keep my thoughts straight.

That said, I am interested in knowing other aspects and instances of this new informatic trend.

Since Google – sorry, Alphabet – is officially presenting its own Bot, I decided to give it a try. The name of this application is “Google Bard”.

I had to register on a waiting list, but I didn’t wait long:

On the same day, I received a notification that I was authorized to talk to the beast bot.

With Bard, in English only

My first contact with it was short and surprising. Our new friend Bard is kind of scary (and talkative).

At that time, I even forgot to copy the text of the exchange. The main thing that impacted me was that it would only understand English!

So, I decided to repeat the test and “copy-paste” it.

The (long) result can be read at the following link (warning: Bard is very talkative):

A chat with Google Bard

Weird, isn’t it? Very first degree and very lengthy!

Do Americans really think and behave that way? I hardly believe so, but Alphabet AI designers may, and that makes them even scarier.

Bard, to be approached cautiously

I remember this guy, James Damore, who was fired by Google after a sexist memo:

Google has fired the engineer whose anti-diversity memo reflects a divided tech culture

TMN even reacted to it:

Del sexismo en Google y otros lugares

Officially, the corporation was appalled by this text … Well: Bard seems to be only slightly better.

At least it doesn’t seem sexist (although I wouldn’t check it).

Does it mean that we should rather avoid it? I don’t think so. Toddlers tend to mimic their parents, and its American pride is clearly an acquired taste.

It just means that I’ll personally “wear a protection mask” when I will come and visit it to talk … But up to now, I really prefer Bing (because it doesn’t scare me).

grimacing-face emoji - Origen desconocido

Google Bard is only american …

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