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Science has always been about debate. Unfortunately, this not what the question is, here.

Don’t mess with Jo Rogan ’s head

Jo Rogan the “Influencer”

Jo Rogan is an “influencer”. AKA he is a guru, skilled at convincing people. Are his skills honest and reliable? is a completely different question, apparently irrelevant.

He should be harmless, he is not.

One of his pal’s colleagues uses to present his program wearing a holster with a loaded gun …To be fair, the “loaded” part is only an educated guess.

Another one shows off a Katana, together with a musket (both old weapons) on a wall behind him.

Jo doesn’t need that, he is a big muscular guy, and a former MMA fighter.

Their common message is that of a physical threat: “Don’t mess with me!


How dare you, random scientist?!

The following opinion article, published in Vox, helps us describing it:

Joe Rogan wants a “debate” on vaccine science. Don’t give it to him.

Jo is upset because a (mere? random?) scientist dares to question his juicy exchange with a presidential candidate. Note: Believe it or not, pushing weird conspiracy theories is now an acceptable presidential strategy.

The scientist is the one appearing in the following CNN YouTube video:

Video conseguido en el canal YouTube de CNN

So, why does Rogan appear in the columns of TMN? Because it shows how damaged the situation has become.

And it is not specific or limited to Jo Rogan:

  • Mathematics books are now being banned across USA,
  • Teachers are harassed by “concerned parents”,
  • Doctors are questioned on any part of their knowledge.
  • Politics and technology moguls want (literally) to get into a fight cage.

Debating requires a common ground

Jo Rogan demands a debate (what a weird way to phrase it: can there be a debate if it is forced?).

To debate, you need to have a common ground. If you don’t have one, there is no point in claiming anything.

Science is about establishing and extending a solid ground of knowledge through discussions and debates.

And yet, interestingly, “Flat Earth theory” is a postmodern trend. It reminds us how Copernicus and Galileo were condemned by the Catholic Church. They lost a “debate” against obscurantism.

Half a millennium later, we are back to the starting point. Any scientific knowledge is now “debated” at gunpoint.

We suspect that, next thing, Jo Rogan may start questioning his own microphone. After all, it’s a sign of progress; so, we would recommend him to stop using it.

It would be an amazing idea!

Jo Rogan is debating Science …

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