Grado de dificultad: 3 (Por el idioma).

Columnista: Roberto

There is no official motive for this post (other than to get the opportunity to write in English). However, it may not be so pointless, after all.

Rambling around

Reading some news, I saw that article in “Slate”:

John Oliver Checks In on Trump’s Border Wall to See How It’s Going (Not Well)

It was featuring a video from a recent release of “Last Week Tonight”.

So, I watched that video of John Oliver, who was talking of a wall:

Video available on LastWeekToNight YouTube Channel

I mean, the video on YouTube, not its original version from HBO

… Sorry, I was forgetting! You must say “HBOMAX”, now. It’s the same but with a longer name and less relevance (and it’s more expensive).

But I am already rambling.

So, I … Well, that wall is not the one from Pink Floyd. It is more real, and more depressing.

But there was more to the YouTube video. John Oliver seemed upset or tired, or both.

Certainly, it was because of something unrelated to the frauds upon frauds he was describing (the usual staff, lately).

I can understand that: I often feel upset and tired, lately. Five months of social distancing took their toll on our emotions.

If you feel tired like John Oliver

we all can recognize John’s state of mind, it is ours, day after day, Knowing that “today” will be another one staying at home.

We sometimes cheat, going out to buy something not that urgent.

We walk a few steps outside, then come back home. By doing so, we manage to steal a few minutes of #liberty (with a protection mask).

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When we don’t, there is this inevitable moment when some irrelevant annoyance will upset us.

At the same time, we feel so exhausted. At least, this feeling has an easy answer: taking a nap, which is useful!

Maybe we should also take some vitamins.

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It can help, too.

Or find something light to watch on Netflix, which is what I just did…

Video available on Netflix YouTube Channel

It worked for me.

If you are successful, you will finish the day in a better mood.

Why did I write that pointless editorial? Because it’s not that pointless. No recognizing that we are not well doesn’t help us getting better.

If you feel tired like John Oliver or like me, there is no shame in it.

Take a nap, look for vitamins, take a few (prudent) steps outside. Otherwise, you will lose you day, and that would be depressing.