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This tribute to the HBO Max serie is in english. idiom almost required to correctly render its delicious weirdness.

One year to enjoy an HBO serie

Thanks to HBO morphing into HBO Max

It took me (a long) time to enjoy and analyze “Raised by Wolves”. Last year, I wrote a preliminary opinion on this powerful story:

“Raised by Wolves”, demasiado elaborada

Now, that I finished it completely, I can talk more.

I didn’t change my opinion, though: it is almost too intellectual.

Raised by Wolves” was released almost one year ago on what was “only” HBO. Hopefully, the morphing of HBO into HBO Max was beneficial to it.

I took me that long to watch it because, somehow, I felt strongly connected to the androids of the story. It bothered me to see them suffering.

“Raised by Wolves” is an allegory

My reaction is not so stupid: a science fiction story is never about the future. This one is not different.

In this case, the “androids” (even with superpowers, like “Mother”), are only an allegory. People deemed not humans (“androids”) are a representation of discrimination and racism.

There are however more disturbing notions in the intrigue: the bad guys are humans. And not any humans: they are members of a cult (or is it a religion?)

The cult’s (religion’s?) beliefs have very familiar characteristics. I’ll let you guess which one(s) is (are) evoked.

The blindness, selfishness, intolerance, and cruelty of these “humans” make them difficult to even bare. Oh! I was forgetting one: madness.

Watching it, I didn’t want to be among these humans; I felt on the nerd android side.

Note: don’t feel too safe! The description of humanity in general is not flattering either.

“Raised by Wolves” to be continued

The mesmerizing voice of Mariam Wallentin

In an unusual way, I watched the episodes entirely. I mean, we all use to skip the opening screen.

Not on this one: I loved listening to the mesmerizing voice of the singer.

borrowed from Stellatronic YouTube channel

Additional note: if you watch it on YouTube, you’ll get the full lyrics.

Her name is Mariam Wallentin and she is Swedish (yes, I know).

Miriam Wallentin en 2018 - Origen desconocido (Wikipedia)

Spoiler: there will be a season 2

The end of the first season was quite puzzling. I won’t say more, but I already spoiled a bit:

Yes, there will be a season 2, that they already started filming.

Which also means that I may have been too pessimistic about the public of this very nice serie. It looks like we are more numerous that I thought.

I can’t wait to see Father tell one of his bad jokes, and Mother … Well, to see Mother … And to hear Mariam Wallentin (I’m sort of demanding, I know).

“Raised by Wolves”: Allegorical

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