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For the strong (contradictory) feelings this (too american) story inspired me, the article had to be in english.

“Lioness”, to be easier

Palma de Mallorca, a war zone?!

Let us talk about an American miniseries I just finished watching, “Special Ops: Lioness”.

Trailer retrieved in Paramount+ UK YouTube Channel

It was recommended to me by European relatives. Europe is, you know, this mosaic of medieval countries – or so do programs like FBI International describe them.

Yes, the most advanced civilization on the planet, is showed as a sh*t-place in American movies …

… Sorry, I realize I am diverting from the subject. Maybe it’s because in “Lioness” (shortening its title, to be easier), they transform Palma de Mallorca in a war zone.

Ups! I just dropped a big spoiler about the intrigue.

Better fresh faces than Hollywood stars

I’m not the only one to drop such spoilers about Lioness. Please read the following Esquire article, as an example:

Special Ops: Lioness Season 2: Everything We Know

The piece is full of unconvinced quotes, like: “The mission is a success, whatever that means”.

However, it is not like the series was bad per-se. We could talk about Hollywood stars Zoe Zaldana and Nicole Kidman (who are also producers of the series).

Or, better, we can discover new faces like Laysla de Oliveira and Stephanie Nur.

Laysla De Oliveira - Origen desconocido
Stephanie Nur - Photo Matt Stasi

“Lioness” and its abhorrent story

Overall, the acting is good, and the filming is efficient; but gosh! what an abhorrent story!

The theme is so repulsive, in fact, that the dialogs toward the end of the season become very self-criticizing.

At some moment, one the very high government executives says that they “set Middle Eastern relations back 40 years”.

Note: that maybe very optimistic: it looks like recent real events have set these relations back a century

About a secondary intrigue in Lioness, why is there is always a problematic teenager in American stories, now? From what I know, children of problematic military parents tend to be better than them. But whatever.

Mixed feelings

Then, there is this repetitive word: Terrorism … Is it an arcane keyword for non-white-non-american poor people? Someone is telling me it certainly is not … While some others routinely say “Hamas”, which, more or less, targets the same population (a little bit more specific, perhaps).

So, would we recommend Special Ops: Lioness? … I have mixt feeling about it. On the bright side:

  • Some characters are appealing, and the action scenes are thrilling,
  • As someone argued, we could simply watch it without thinking too much.

On the dark one:

  • Yes, ignorance can be a bliss if you are American. Otherwise, the bad sensation is hard to brush off,
  • Come on! A shoot-out on Palma de Mallorca?!

I did watch it till the end. However, TMN would put a moral caution on “Special Ops: Lioness”.

You really need to be European to indulge it easily.

“Special Ops: Lioness” – Mixed feelings