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This article is in English because it addresses a typically American issue (an ill-placed pride that keeps them behind)

Electric cars and American conservatism

The rise of electric mobility

An interesting article was recently published in PCMag about how USA manages the rise of electrical mobility:

Profit vs. the Planet: Here’s Why US Automakers Are All-In on Electric Vehicles

However, its interesting part is not about the hype it tries to spin.

Yes, everyone is talking of the already tangible effects of global warming. And yes, electrical mobility is part of the answer.

But this is not its relevant part. Let us face it, only a portion of American public is interested in electric cars.

A one-century-old technology

United States is known to be a very conservative civilization, and the term is not only political.

It waited until plasma and lcd screens, and Digital TV to see American television evolve. NTSC, with its pathetic image definition resisted until well into the 21st century.

Cellular networks evolved only because GSM European standard slapped local AMPS somnolence.

And so on.

And American automotive industry is based on an already one-century-old engine technology.

To sell vehicles outside of USA, local automakers had to adopt European and Japanese up to date less thirsty technologies.

Europeans, Asians, and the bullying of the OPEP

The Americans feel that they don’t need anything from abroad, and they sure love their gas guzzlers.

But their automakers have more “opened eyes” about it. They know very well that the era of ICE cars is over and want to survive.

Note: “ICE” stands for “Internal Combustion Engine”, AKA gasoline motor.

Europeans and Asians are not petrol producers. Therefore, they always little appreciated the bullying of the OPEP.

For them, evolving toward electrical mobility was only a matter of time. As soon as they saw a crack in the well-established power scheme, they rushed to open it.

Is it already too late for American carmakers?

What the PCMag article admits is that USA is late, and that the American conservatism could simply kill their industry.

Look at the following video from Jeep:

Video retrieved from Jeep’s YouTube channel

The date they are talking of is 2024, when all Europeans and Asians are already here!

Note: and Europeans have already set a milestone at 2025

PCMag’s article is a carefully redacted piece, designed to avoid hurting American misplaced pride …

… But TMN is not from USA. And while we applaud the Ford Mustang Mach E, it is far from the only option.

Also, we are in no way impressed by Tesla.

So, isn’t it already too late for American carmakers? Or is it only us?

Is USA interested in electric cars?

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