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This article shall be in english, to pay our tribute to a really good idea coming from an American carmaker.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

A recent article, published in The Verge, is among many others announcing the commercial availability of the Ford Mustang Mach-E:

The electric Mustang Mach-E takes Ford in a whole new direction

We already wrote about it, applauding to this beautiful and daring car:

Mensaje “eléctrico” a Ford, de sus clientes

As we noticed in that piece, we were far from being alone with the same opinion.

Actually, we think that worrying about the Mustang Shelby nostalgics (remember “Eleanor”) is a false issue. People don’t look at electric vehicles the same way they do with thermic combustion cars.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E seems to be starting a promising career and may even serve as an example.

Many other analyses will describe the new Ford icon in a much more efficient way than us.

Video borrowed from The Verge’s YouTube Channel

The Recharging Issue

A clear deficit of infrastructure

However, this is not the interesting point in The Verge’s article. You can scroll it down to the important chapter: “Infrastructure Weak”.

It is not limited to Ford, addressing, instead, a global problem about electric cars: recharging stations. Without being a US citizen, it is very telling to hear about the status in this country.

The description of the reporter could be biased, because of his location: Austin, Texas is the land of gas guzzlers.

Therefore, don’t expect to find a serious electric infrastructure in Trumpland. However, since USA has still a very strong gas-related culture, it could very well be general.

What about California? That study is worth performing!

TMN also argued in a recent post that this weakness is not specific to USA:

Recarga eléctrica – Nuevo negocio

As we suggested in our post, there is a huge market to create.

Recharging while shopping…

We may, however, have been too “hyperbolic” in that earlier presentation. People still look at recharging as a “gas station-like” situation, which is a mistake.

It’s a simple electric installation we are talking of, here, which means a far smaller and easier investment… Accessible to a much wider business population.

An electric car recharging plug - Unknown origin

Think of it: if you own a restaurant, electric recharging will become a rather obvious side service. Same thing with a supermarket or a mall… Or any activity that implies parking your car for a sufficiently long while.

We could suggest even closer cases: what prevents you from sharing your personal recharge station?

You could be part of a network built around a simple smartphone “app”. Sounds familiar?

Still thinking that recharging your car is a curse forever?

Recharging an EV – A new paradigm

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